Dichotomy Raaisel

Raaisel aka “R” Raaisel is amazingly steadfast & solid-nerved. He has medium drive, but displays a very mellow disposition making him an extremely “easy to have around” pal. He has very good body-consciousness around small children so as not to knock them down & has very good dog-communication skills, lacking dog-aggression. While Raaisel possesses a very “long fuse” & isn’t a “sharp” dog, he has done well on Personal Protection testing.

Raaisel is an very well put-together dog, showing excellent working conformation with near-perfect rear end angulation. We’ve been searching long & far for an outcross male that wouldn’t undo the progress of our rear end structure, as most Boerboels unfortunately are extremely under-angulated, which can lead to torn cruciate ligaments & very costly surgeries. Further proof of his excellent structure is the quality of his joints, tested at 5 years of age!

“R” is retired from working/training. Stud Service Available to Approved Bitches.

AM CAL 1 & 2

ATTS ~ American Temperament Test Society

CGC ~ Canine Good Citizen

TAN ~ 35/35 points – Perfect Score!!

Cardiac ~ OFA Clear/Normal by Board-Certified Cardiologist/Echo-cardiogram

Hips –  OFA “Good” with No DJD at 5 years of age

Elbows –  OFA Clear/Normal/No DJD at 5 years of age

Shoulders/OCD –  OFA Clear/Normal/No DJD at 5 years of age

Patellas –  OFA Clear/Normal at 5 years of age

Hyperuricosuria-Free & a non-carrier via DNA Testing   Raaisel trot


Raaisel hip xrayOFA Hips R

OFA Elbow ROFA Shoulder RRaaisel PatellaRaaisel Hyper

Raaisel ACAL1Raaisel ACAL2 ATTS RaaiselRaaisel TAN