Dichotomy Nebrius-Batu

Neb aka Wubby

ACAL 1, 2 & 3
Olympic Dog
CSAU ~ “Excellent” in French Ringsport
ATTS ~ American Temperament Test Society
CGC ~ Canine Good Citizen

April 2011, Neb stopped at B&E at my home while we were away.
As the would-be intruder(s) only broke the outside door locks & *just barely* made it inside the home before they were repelled, we opted not to call the police, so no substantiating report (it’s like Ripley’s.. Believe it or not! lol). We came home to find the doors into the house standing open, with broken locks & LOTS of “saliva of anger” all over the place. Neb continues to be hyper-vigilant of the doors now.

Cardiac Clear/Normal by Board-Certified Cardiologist/Echo-cardiogram
Hips – OFA “Good” with No DJD at 8 years of age
Elbows – OFA Clear/Normal/No DJD at 8 years of age
Shoulders/OCD – Clear/Normal/No DJD at 8 years of age
Patellas – OFA Clear/Normal at 8 years of age
Thyroid – Normal
Hyperuricosuria-Free & a non-carrier via DNA Testing

Angry Neb titled3-11 Neb on Brett titledNeb Heeling3

7-04-12NebNeb VooDoo2