Dichotomy Alopias-Batu

aka “Teal”

Teal is a very happy & extroverted “dog-social” bitch.. she isn’t quarrelsome in the least with other dogs & in fact takes a protective, mothering role over smaller dogs. Teal is extremely trainable & very willing to please. She has titled in a multitude of venues. The perfect working structure she possess allows her to excel at any physical task she’s put to..  the proof in that is reflected in the OFA Health Testing scores she attained when re-tested as a 5 year old dog who has worked hard all of her life! All joints checked out to be “Normal” & her hips received an “Excellent” Score!

IWPA WD ~ International Weight Pull Association Working Dog                                             IWPA WDE ~ International Weight Pull Association Working Dog Excellent
IWPA WDS ~ International Weight Pull Association Working Dog Superior
IWPA Regional Gold-Medalist 1st Year Competing in Weight Pull
Olympic Dog Supreme ~ 1st Runner-Up at 2009 SACCI Nationals before she was 2 Years Old
AWDF/USRC BH ~ IPO (Schutzhund) Begleithund
AM CAL 1 & 2
WAT 1 ~ Working Aptitude Test
IT ~ AKC Herding Instinct Tested
CSAU ~ “Excellent” in French Ringsport
ATTS ~ American Temperament Test Society
CGC ~ Canine Good Citizen
CGCA ~ Canine Good Citizen
ATAN ~ 35/35 points – Perfect Score!!
CA ~ AKC Lure Coursing Ability
CAA ~ AKC Lure Coursing Ability Advanced
RATI ~ Barn Hunt Instict

Cardiac Clear/Normal by Board-Certified Cardiologist/Echo-cardiogram
Hips – OFA “Excellent” with No DJD at 5 years of age
Elbows – OFA Clear/Normal/No DJD at 5 years of age
Shoulders/OCD – OFA Clear/Normal/No DJD at 5 years of age
Patellas – OFA Clear/Normal at 5 years of age
Thyroid – Normal
Hyperuricosuria-Free & a non-carrier via DNA Testing

Teal ODRKToothy Teal 11-11

10-23-10, TealTeal BnHTeal BnH2

Teal Triple Crown02-28-09 WP Teal

02-05-11 WPTeal02-05-11 WPTeal202-05-11 WPTeal302-26-10 Teal 3700#02-26-10 Teal 3700# 2

10-12Teal Aframe 10-12Teal Jump

03-14-13 TealCAT

TealStandTeal Drive


03-03-13TealECHOVGL Teal03-13Teal Hip03-13TealElbow03-13Teal OCD

Teal BH



Teal ITTeal CGC 2014

Teal CATTeal CAA