The Dichotomy Difference

“Dichotomy” is defined as a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups.

While many breed to produce “just” a lovely-looking pet Boerboel with minimal, if any, third party testing for Health & Temperament, Dichotomy puts the primary focus of our strict selection process on maintaining the Boerboel as the mentally-stable, healthy, working family-oriented molosser it has historically been. We’re very proud that one-third of ALL Boerboels who have passed the Temperament Test offered by the American Temperament Test Society are “Dichotomy Dogs”.

Dichotomy strives first & foremost to produce mentally-stable dogs. Our preference is for the “farm-work type” Boerboels that possess good dog-communication skills & lack dog aggression, are “sticky” -wanting to stay near their family, & “owner soft” -complying with their owner’s wants & being very easy to handle.

We were introduced to the Boerboel breed by someone who said they were interested in testing their dog’s ability to actual DO what the Boerboel is marketed as.. a Home & Personal Protector primarily, secondarily being useful for farmstock & catching game.  Sadly we weren’t of much use for the latter, but being that training Police, Personal Protection, & Bitesport K9 dogs is “what we do”, they had come to the right place! We were pleasantly surprised at the “workability” of the Boerboels we met in Protection, yet they could be social after the work was done.